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Hands Past and Future: Art Therapy Activity.


I found this cute art therapy activity on Pinterest, from Emerly Arts, and decided to create my own version to share.

The exercise can be used during a time of transformation, or just to help make sense of your past vs present self.

Trace your hands and fill them with images that represent your past (left hand) and what your future hopes are (right hand.)

Here are my hands…

What my hands held past, art therapy activity by michelle morgan, michelle morgan art, mixed media art

Hands Past.



art therapy activity by michelle morgan art, what my hands hold now and future, healing art, mixed media art

Hands Future/Present.


I found the activity very healing given the huge changes going on in my life; motherhood is a huge transformation that redefines who we are, and what we hope for the future. As you can see from above, some drastic changes in my life have/are taking place and I enjoyed expressing them in my journal.



    Tara shuet

    I love this piece!

    Marian Gargan

    Love it. I have been searching for something simple for my group albeit colourful too. Thanks.

    Sara Harpin

    Did this in 2 recovery groups. They loved it after putting some brainstorming to work! I am confident my family recovery group will enjoy it just as much! Thanks.


    I love this! I I have done this for almost a year now. In my head, as a way to help me remember what I stand for, what my priorities are, and who I am. Each finger on my right hand stands for different things. I think about it when I’m feeling a little lost. I am not religious, so doing the prayer hands during yoga used to feel strange. I reclaimed that posture by thinking of that: the left is the past, the right is the future. The center, aligned with my spine and the center of my body is the space in between. Right now. All we can do is take life a second at a time. We can’t change anything that has already happened, we can, however, control how we feel in the present and how we plan to proceed.


    I don’t understand exactly how did you come to those decisions but I see
    exactly how and the reason why it’s may help.
    Things that you said in the blog truly made me realize and improve some of my habits.


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