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Spiritual Soup: New art, altars and Equinoxes


Hello bluebells.

The equinox has marked the coming of spring in the UK and I’ve been busy sowing seeds in the garden instead of writing on my blog, for weeks!

After a period of fast growth and abundant harvest of inspiration, my creativity,too, has undergone a wintertime dip. But now new ideas are springing forth like the seedlings reaching out for new spring light.

Bunny cuddles. New art available as a print in my shop.

Blue girl portrait- mixed media on canvas.

I have really been enjoying working on canvas for the first time since I was 16 and completing my art GCSE! The ability to create a finished piece without the need for framing is driving me to work more and more with canvas


A peek inside my creative grimoire- an art journal dedicated to spells, spiritual and ritual work. The above ritual is one i performed to honour my pregnant body and growing baby. Our experience with premature birth the first time around has led me to honour my health and needs much more in this pregnancy and overcome some destructive vices.

Exploring my relationship with the feminine divine through art. Another page in the grimoire. The image pictured is a postcard by Lisa Lister. 

A quick 15 minute pencil sketch- I haven’t worked in just graphite in a long time- as a mixed media artist who typically uses at least 10 different materials in each piece it was incredibly freeing to get back to basics.
  IMG_0436-0Mandala layered art created for my front room; I am working on creating an inviting and inspiring space at home to nurture my needs

  My new essential oil kit, a great eBay find! Lavender, bergamot and Roman chamomile are my go to calm stove oils, and I’ve been researching and preparing blends to use through pregnancy and labour. 

 Above three pictures are my first attempt at a mixed media altar for my own spiritual practice.

It depicts a rare image of the goddess Kali, a goddess revered for her patriarchy smashing rage.

Here, instead of slaying demons, Kali is pictured breastfeeding the god Shiva- after her temper becomes out of control, shiva turns himself into a helpless infant. Hearing the babies cry, Kali calms herself, picks up the infant and begins to breastfeed him.

As Some one with borderline personality disorder, my anger has equally raged out of control on occasion. Learning to control this for my son has been a hard won battle, and the story is one that resonates deeply with me.

My gorgeous hippy child!

New shoes! My old pair of DM’s were over 5 years old, well loved by me and another owner before them. When the leather started to split from the sole we knew it was time to send them to shoe heaven. My new pink pair are very happy to have a forever home.


A little felted goddess made for my moon altar. I really enjoyed creating her and hope to make some more art dolls and goddesses soon!

I hope you enjoyed this little photographic foray into the work I’ve been doing in the past few weeks. Slowly, I am building ideas for the next piece of work to be released through the website; a multi media course in art journalling for mental health. I hope this course can provide more in-depth skills for those of you already using the creative DBT workbook, and provide a good introduction to therapeutic art techniques for those of you who have found me through your recovery journey.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, enjoy the new light the equinox brings, and for those of you settling into the restful period of autumn, take care of yourself as the darkness returns.


Michelle x


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